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The No Nonsense Guide to Buying and Selling Options



Futures, options and managed future trading may be the riskiest of all federally regulated investments. Speculators who trade futures and options should only do so with risk capital. Past performance is not indicative of future results. There are no guaranteed good trades. The use of stop orders does not guarantee or necessarily limit losses to intended limits. Futures trading involves unlimited risk. When purchasing options on a futures contract, the investor is at risk for the premium paid plus commissions and fees. Options, cash and futures markets are separate and do not necessarily respond in the same way to similar market stimuli.

Always understand your worst case risk scenario before entering into any options or a futures trade. Future risk, commodity risk, commodity risk management are very important factors to consider before doing any type of investment speculation. All speculative investments carry a higher degree of risk than non speculative investments. Investments with extraordinary and extreme profit potential carry with them extraordinary and extreme risk potential.

Statements, facts, quotes, data and information contained herein are gathered from various sources that are believed to be reliable. T & K Futures and Options Inc. cannot guarantee its accuracy, timeliness or completeness. No responsibility is assumed with respect to any such statements, facts, quotes, data and information.

The statements above are to point out the inherent risks involved in legitimate, federally regulated investments such as trading forex, futures contracts and options on a futures contract. T & K Futures and Options Inc. strongly recommends checking out the broker and/or brokerage firm you are considering before doing any business with them by clicking here NFA.


The No Nonsense Guide to Buying and Selling Options



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